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Understanding how IVF works and what you can expect

IVF Process Explained

The IVF Process Explained

IVF process explained Before you begin the IVF process, take some time to read through the different stages of treatment. Understanding how the process works will help you feel in more control. If you’re considering in...

IVF Stages

STAGE 5 | Trigger Shot

Before  your eggs are collected, you will be given a specific time by your doctor to take a trigger shot injection of hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotrophin). This trigger shot helps the eggs to mature and loosen from the...

IVF Related

Other IVF paths to parenthood

Donor Sperm

For many couples with infertility, there can be a problem with the sperm – it may be faulty or there is not enough of it. So donated sperm is used instead for IVF. Or the decision to use it may be down to a lifestyle...

Donor Egg

Donor egg treatment for IVF is where a woman uses another woman’s eggs (the donor) rather than her own. Why choose this path? Women who cannot use their own eggs for conception, but can still carry a child in their...

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