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Cancer patients can go on to have children says Dr Hrishikesh Pai

More young people with cancer can preserve their fertility and go on to have children, according to fertility expert Dr Hrishikesh Pai

In the past, a childhood cancer diagnosis could mean a lifetime of infertility, which also affects marriage chances. The child may recover from their cancer but experience lifetime of yearning as a result of their treatments.

Thankfully, Dr Pai specialises in treatments for young people with cancer, allowing them to maintain their fertility and have children when they grow up and get married. For the concerned families of children with cancer, these advances in treatment are a true blessing. They allow them to focus on the treatment plan instead of worrying about their child’s future.

Dr Pai specialises in oncofertility, the field of medicine that helps preserve fertility in males and females diagnosed with cancer. Assisted reproductive techniques (ART) are more advanced than ever, allowing more cancer patients to experience parenthood when they are ready.

Many necessary cancer treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy, negatively impact fertility

As a result, when these children and teens grow up, they can’t have kids of their own. According to statistics, nearly 1 million people will have cancer by 2026, and women are stricken more often.

That’s why Dr Pai, Founder-Director of Bloom IVF Centre, thinks fertility preservation is so important

These methods can give them hope for the future and allow them to have their own families. However, careful planning is crucial to give someone a chance. Bloom IVF Centre is one of India’s most established IVF centres, helping many people achieve their dreams of having a baby.

He says, “cancer treatments do hamper the fertility factor in both men and women. However, various cancer treatments affect the patient differently. The damage depends upon the number of sittings and the dosages of the drugs administered, while the patient’s age is yet another important factor that needs consideration. This is true for radiation as well as chemotherapy.”

Thankfully, there are ways to preserve fertility these days

According to Dr Pai, “with IVF and various fertility preservation methods available, it is now possible to preserve fertility for the future. Donor eggs, donor sperms, donor embryos, embryo freezing, egg freezing, ovarian cortex freezing are some of the options available to cancer patients to preserve their fertility.”

That’s right – the sperm, eggs, or even embryos (if the patient is already married) can be created and then frozen for later use. Then, the patient or their partner can undergo IVF or IUI treatments. For boys who have not yet gone through puberty, the doctors can conduct Testicular Tissue Freezing. The science is advancing every day.

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