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What is an IVF refund scheme?

We turned to the team at Redia IVF and asked them to explain what a refund scheme is and how it can help you manage the costs of IVF.

What is the cost of one round of IVF with medication in India?

The cost of IVF in India is much lower than in the UK or other European countries. Approximately the price of one round (referring to one stimulation cycle) of IVF, including medication, in India, would be around £2000. However, it may not include certain procedures like PGT-A.

Can you tell us about the refund scheme that you are launching in India?

Redia IVF has just launched its refund guarantee scheme in India. It is exactly the same scheme as Redia’s in the EU countries and the UK. It consists of 3 stimulation cycles with all possible frozen embryo transfers, ICSI, blastocyst culture, medication costs, and embryo freezing and storage costs with up to 100% refund guarantee if no live birth is achieved after all cycles and transfers. The difference is the price. Since the cost of fertility treatments is more moderate in India, our refund scheme price is almost half the price of our UK or European prices. In addition, we partner with clinic providers in India in plural states to cover all Indian territory and thus facilitate access to these programs to all fertility patients, regardless of their geographic location.

Is medication included?

Yes, all our refund schemes in India include IVF medication costs for up to week 12 of pregnancy for patients. Another essential point to keep in mind is that our programmes cover the cost of the donor’s medication, which usually means a considerable additional expense for fertility patients.

How do couples go about using your refund scheme to finance their IVF?

For patients to use our refund scheme, they need to apply by submitting specific fertility screening tests. Redia then assesses their eligibility. After confirmation of eligibility, the couples sign a contract with Redia and pays Redia for the scheme cost. Then Redia refers patients to the selected clinic for the treatment to start. Redia takes over all contracted financial obligations to the clinic and guarantees a refund if no live birth is achieved.

Are you covering all parts of India?

Yes, almost all parts of India. We partner with clinic providers all over Indian territory, so the likelihood is that a partner clinic would be close to the patients’ residences area.

Is this refund scheme available in certain clinics?

Indeed, we carefully select our clinic providers, and we partner with those we believe offer the best quality of treatment. Of course, our patients can still choose the clinic, but it has to be one from our selected list; because we want to ensure only the highest quality of treatment and care.

How do you choose which clinics to work with?

We carefully screen the clinic, check their medical staff, success rates, medication procedures, support staff, and patient care, among others. If the clinic meets all of our requirements, we agree to include it in our clinic provider list.

What are the benefits of a refund scheme?

Using a refund scheme has several benefits. First of all, couples can estimate how much it would cost them to have a baby, eliminating the IVF journey’s financial uncertainty. Second, it gives them the financial assurance that they will get their money back if, unfortunately, a baby birth is not achieved. Here we must emphasize, we offer live birth programmes, not only pregnancy, which makes our plans unique and at the same time gives patients greater peace of mind. Finally, since Redia takes all financial risk of refund, couples get the confidence that the clinics that Redia carefully selects are some of the best possible.

How do people start the process if they want to use your refund scheme?

They should contact Redia IVF at info@redia-ivf.com, and an IVF coordinator will be in touch with them to address their needs and inform them about available programme options. The coordinator will then ask them for fertility tests to assess their eligibility and proceed with the contract if their eligibility is confirmed.


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