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Bollywood and TV stars who became parents via IVF

If you’re considering IVF to become a parent, you might face many doubts and mixed feelings. While you certainly want to have your own bundle of joy, you might worry about the cost and social stigma of IVF. But sometimes, hearing about others who have been successful with IVF can be just the thing you need to ease your mind.

These Bollywood and TV stars have gone through this fertility treatment and have wonderful families to show for it. If you’re dealing with infertility, make sure you keep reading.

Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder

After beloved Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan married Shirish Kunder at the age of 41, they tried for two years to have a baby with no luck. The couple used IVF and were successful – she gave birth to a set of bouncing triplets in February 2008.

She recommends the procedure to anyone struggling to have a baby. “When the choice is to either go childless or IVF, there is no room for doubts. I was 43 when I had my kids, and my biological clock had stopped ticking long time ago.”

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan

After having two children – Aryan and Suhana – Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri were ready to have a third, but nature did not cooperate. Thirteen years after the birth of Suhana, the couple used IVF surrogacy to have their youngest son in 2013. AbRam is the apple of their eyes.

Shah Rukh Khan said at the time, “Amidst all the noise that has been going around, the sweetest is the one made by our newborn baby, AbRam. He was born prematurely by several months, but has finally come home.”

Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah

While Krushna and Kashmera may have started off as a ‘one-night stand,’ they are now a happy family with twin sons, Ryan and Krishank! They tried to conceive naturally with no luck, and so the famous telly couple used an IVF surrogate.

Talking about his twin babies, who were born in May 2017, Krushna says, “I’ve become more responsible. I’ve never been an actor who relies on his producers. I’ve always been in such a position that I can walk off anytime. I never had the fear of a show not working or being ousted from it. But after having kids, I get that feeling. I’m no longer as carefree; there is a fear that keeps me in check.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan had two kids from his previous marriage, but he wanted a baby with Kiran. After a tragic miscarriage, the couple went for IVF surrogacy, and it paid off. In December 2011, their sweet baby boy Azad was born. Aamir is proud and open about their decision to use IVF technology.

“This baby is especially dear to us because he was born to us after a long wait and some difficulty. We were advised to have a baby through IVF surrogacy, and we feel very grateful to the Almighty that all has gone well.”

Tusshar Kapoor

Not everyone having a baby via IVF in Bollywood is in a relationship! Tusshar Kapoor was one of the first single parents to use IVF surrogacy to have a baby of his own. Laksshya was born in June 2016, and Ekta, Jeetendra, and Shobha couldn’t be happier.

Tusshar explains that he learned about IVF surrogacy in a unique way

“I went to Tirupati temple. I happened to meet director Prakash Jha. We were in the same flight. He told me about this procedure (IVF) and how one could be a single parent using the same. He also introduced me to a family who had used surrogacy to have a baby. I felt inspired and decided to go in for the same.”

Do these Bollywood and TV couples inspire you to have your own kids via IVF or IVF surrogacy? Even if you can’t conceive naturally, you still have many choices. Good luck on your journey!

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