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Can you improve your chances of IVF success?

If you’re about to undergo in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, you certainly want to do everything possible to improve your chances of success

Did you know that the average success rate of IVF in India is around 30% – 35%, and this number decreases as you age? Most couples do not succeed on their first round. That means they often go for a second cycle soon after.

Round after round of IVF can be stressful, expensive, and physically demanding. That’s why so many people want to do everything they can to improve success rates.

Here are our tips to help you have a successful IVF cycle.

Maintain a healthy weight

To give yourself the best chance of IVF success, you need to keep your weight at a healthy level. Being overweight or underweight can negatively affect your chances of IVF success.

Eat a healthy diet

Eat a diet rich in lean protein, healthy fats, and fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure that you get plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Don’t smoke or drink

For men and women, smoking and drinking can have a negative impact on your fertility and IVF success. Quit smoking, and limit alcohol to a couple of drinks on special occasions. Avoid it completely for the three months before your treatment.

Take supplements

Both parties should be taking the right supplements at the right dosages, including iron and vitamin D, and folic acid for women. You’d be amazed at what a difference the right supplements can make to your success. If you’re overwhelmed, consult with a fertility nutritionist or your clinic.

Get some exercise

Studies show that regular exercise has a good effect on both mood and overall fertility. Avoid strenuous exercise while you’re going through IVF, and opt for walks and gentle yoga instead. Exercise is also a great stress buster, so it can help you relax during this stressful time.

Choose the right clinic

Make sure you choose the best clinic for your needs. Read their reviews, ask to see testimonials, and check out their success rates. Make sure they have the latest technology and have an initial consultation with the doctor to ensure you like their demeanour and treatment plan.

Genetically test the embryos

If you are over 35 or have a history of miscarriage, it is a good idea to pay for pre-implantation genetic testing. This is done when the embryo is 5-6 days old to ensure that they are genetically normal. The best embryo will then be chosen for implantation.

Hypnotherapy recordings and guided meditation

Studies have shown that women who listen to guided meditations and hypnotherapy recordings during embryo transfer have an increased chance of success. Why not take along some headphones and listen to some soothing recordings?

Most importantly, remember that IVF is a numbers game but diagnosis is key

Your success likely depends on ensuring you have had fertility tests to diagnose any underlying issues. This really is super important. how many cycles you try.

Since you’re spending your money and pinning your hopes on this treatment, it’s smart to give it the best chance possible. Good luck on your journey!

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