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ART Fertility Clinics will invest ₹250 crore in 18 new Indian IVF Centres

ART Fertility Clinics, based in Abu Dhabi and owned by the Gulf Capital group, has recently announced plans to invest ₹250 crore in the Indian reproductive health sector. They plan to open 18 clinics across the country over the next two years. This will be a big boost for India’s IVF industry, offering patients many options to choose from.

Vinesh Gadhia, the CEO of ART Fertility Clinics India, is excited about the investment. “Gulf Capital has pledged an investment of ₹250 crore in India for these 18 clinics. It will be ART Fertility Clinic’s biggest expansion plan because India is an emerging market.”

ART Fertility Clinics already have operations in Gurugram, Delhi and Ahmedabad. By the end of summer 2021, they plan to open new clinics in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. They will add more cities to the roster throughout 2022.

Mr Gadhia continues, “Our basic ethos is to provide the best facility for best clinical outcomes, ensuring safety and adhering to highest standards of transparency. In West Asia, we have 67% pregnancy rate in self cycle, one of the highest in the world. We are bringing that expertise into India.”

“We are extremely bullish about India’s macrodynamics because it has the highest number of young population, the highest urge of parenthood in the world, and an ever- changing lifestyle.”

India is one of the world’s leading consumers of IVF and other fertility treatments, second only to China. Indian patients currently undertake more than 2,50,000 cycles of IVF every year, which take place in 1,750+ IVF clinics.

There’s no doubt that more IVF clinics are needed

The demand for fertility services is at an all-time high. In India, more than 30 million Indian couples are currently suffering from sub-fertility or infertility. According to a study anyone who earns ₹10,000 per month can afford at least one cycle of IVF. That means that 68% of the country’s population can afford to try IVF.

With that massive number clamouring to start the IVF process, the country needs at least 5,000 IVF centres to rise to the demand.

Mr Gadhia also wants to assure patients of ART that they never have to worry about mix-ups in the lab. Patients are always treated to full transparency in the process, which includes RFID bar code technology to ensure that there is never any ‘human error.’

“It eliminates the chances of human errors. We use XiltriX alarm system, sensor technology from the Netherlands to keep a check on humidity, temperature and pH levels for best clinical outcomes, and we have one priced cycle for our patients; there are no hidden costs.”

Within the next five years, ART India will be able to do 40,000 cycles, with 1,250 cycles in the first year, eventually increasing to 12,000 cycles each year. Ideally, the company will become one of the world’s leaders in fertility research.

We are thrilled to welcome even more ART Fertility Clinics to India! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this innovative and dynamic company that makes so many dreams come true.

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