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Part two of our trip to the wonderful Nova IVI in India

This week we discuss looking behind the scenes at the Nova IVI Fertility Clinic on our trip to India last month

We headed upstairs and got into our scrubs in preparation for our lab tour. We were greeted by the lead embryologist who talked us through the different pieces of equipment. It all looked so impressive, but then, the excitement really began, as she told us that they were moments away from performing an embryo transfer. Through the window, we could see the doctor in the transfer room, in position, ready to transfer the patient’s precious embryo.

Next to the patient was a screen that was about to show the magic happen

The embryologist explained that her colleague was just about to take the embryo out of its incubator. We held our breath and witnessed what has to be one of the most emotional moments ever – a moment that we discovered has a time limit of just 180 seconds.

The doctor gave the nod that she was ready, then swiftly and efficiently, the embryologist took the embryo in its dish out of the incubator and put it under the microscope

The patient’s name was clearly marked on the dish and shown on the screen via the microscope so there would be no doubt in the patient’s eyes that it was her embryo. Then, the embryologist placed the embryos into a catheter and handed it over to the doctor who immediately transferred it into the woman.

It was overwhelmingly emotional

We really felt like we were watching a miracle occur right in front of our very eyes.

Shortly afterwards, we left the lab and headed round to the recovery ward to visit the patients. As we chatted with the nurses and patients, the woman who had just had her transfer was brought in.

We will never forget the look on her face

It was that of overwhelming joy, hope, fear, anxiety, disbelief and happiness, a look that both Tracey and I would have had on our faces on several occasions.

The patients spoke openly about their fertility journeys, with us and among each other

They told us that they had formed Whatsapp groups so that they could all keep in touch. The clinic manager explained that it was a common thing to do in the clinic, not only among the women, but also the men. She told us that it is very important that the patients have a sense of alignment before and during fertility treatment, to get the best results.

Mr Gadhia explained that the clinics further offer three key services:

  • Counselling
  • Yoga
  • The Circle of Hope Support Group

He explained that counselling plays an important role in fertility treatment, especially in India, where parenthood is considered so important, with immense pressure being placed on males to continue their bloodline. This can become incredibly difficult when couples are told that they are not going to be able to use their own sperm or eggs.

(The counsellor at Nova also told us that due to the beliefs within their religion, couples feel that they can’t choose the option of a donor. The couples ask that the counsellors talk to the patient’s religious leaders to explain to them that it is okay to use a donor)

The yoga classes at Nova are more than just regular yoga classes

They are sessions where people come together to bond. The yoga teacher has her own Whatsapp group too, for her ‘students’ and sets them homework – an amazing form of distraction for a couple on a fertility journey.

Third, the circle of Hope Support Group is an excellent way for patients to learn about the fertility journey from someone who has experienced it first-hand. While it is nice to hear a doctor telling you what to expect, what you really want is a woman to tell you if the injections hurt, or how she felt before her transfer, or how it feels to have your eggs collected. You can’t beat this kind of guidance and support.

The combination of the incredible labs, the strong teams of doctors, nurses and embryologists and the superb attention to the well-being of patients makes Nova IVI Fertility really stand out. For such a reasonable cost, it is definitely something to consider if you are looking at your options for IVF treatment abroad.

If you were to choose India, these are the stages you would go through:

Initial Enquiry

You would send Nova IVI Fertility a duly filled enquiry form with basic problems and medical reports (if you have them, recent photographs, X-rays, ultrasound scans, pathological reports or a summary of observations on them, as per the treatment/procedure requirements) as an attachment. Questions can be directed via email or telephone. If required, video conference can also be arranged.

Nova IVI Fertility would come back with:

  • Answers to all of your initial queries
  • All-inclusive cost estimate of the treatment
  • A basic outline of the recuperation period for the selected treatment/procedure


  • You would need to send your detailed flight information to Nova and they would send you (and any other attendants accompanying you) a visa invite to the Indian embassy.
  • The Nova team will then communicate your pre and post procedure instructions for the selected procedure and a detailed itinerary for suggested appointments.


  • The Nova team arranges for pick-up and drop from the airport
  • You are taken to the Nova IVI Fertility clinic for the initial consultation with the doctor


Personnel from Nova IVI Fertility personally pick you up from the hotel/guest house and accompany you to the hospital on the day of the procedure to ensure that everything is in order.

After the essential pre-IVF checks, the treatment essentially begins from the second day of periods. Own egg stimulation requires around ten days of medicines after which mature eggs are retrieved from the woman’s body and fertilized with the partner’s sperm. The resultant embryos are placed in the incubator which provides an optimal environment for the growth of embryos.

After five days, one or two embryos are gently placed back into the woman’s womb.  


Patients must recuperate in the place of treatment for the required post-procedure period, which is dependent on the nature of the procedure.

After embryo transfer, the patient can travel as there is no requirement of bed rest or special care. The required pregnancy test can be done by the patient in her country of origin. In the meantime, required medicines can be provided for a particular time period.

Follow up

After you go home, follow-up email consultations are available as well. Follow-up consultations are done as per appointments scheduled and are part of the treatment package.


Nova IVI Fertility has a dedicated network of accommodation in most hotels and guest houses near its centres. You can select accommodation depending upon your choice and affordability. The Nova IVI Fertility representative is available for international patients to assist them with local information such as transportation, food etc.

Our trip to India was beautiful

It was great visiting such amazing people at the Nova clinics. We watched the sun set over the beach, ate incredible food, spent one afternoon being driven around Mumbai in a rickshaw, found calm in the Hare Krishna temple and discovered a country that is truly beautiful and unique. One could say that it is quite possibly the perfect choice of location for a miracle to happen.

For more information about Nova IVI Fertility, click here

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