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Why Nova IVI Fertility clinics are the number one choice in India

India has seen a boom in IVF treatments over the last few years, with thousands of IVF clinics opening up across the country over the last decade.

For this reason, we wanted to speak with India’s No 1 IVF chain, Nova IVI Fertility, to learn more about their clinics, patients, and infertility in India. Here we speak with Nova IVI Fertility’s COO, Vinesh Gadhia.

When did Nova IVI launch and how many people have you helped to become parents?

Since its inception in 2011, Nova IVI Fertility has helped in over 17,000 IVF pregnancies.

Where are you located?

Nova IVI Fertility has 20 clinics across 15 cities, namely, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Coimbatore, Hisar, Indore, Jalandhar, Lucknow, Surat and Vijayawada.

You have a large amount of international patients, but is infertility widespread in India and is IVF a growing option there?

There are 27.5 million infertile couples actively seeking children in India of which only 1% (270,000) have sought IVF treatment resulting in 100,000 IVF cycles as of 2015. This is definitely changing and the IVF market is projected to grow at a 21% CAGR in India.

The demand for IVF is higher than it’s ever been, which has led to a very large number of clinics all over the country offering infertility treatment. It is a business requiring rigorous science, ethical treatment, and complete transparency. And all of these have been Nova IVI Fertility’s key strengths in providing the much needed service at world-class standards.

Is infertility a topic that is discussed openly in India?

Despite the level of infertility, it is not yet an openly discussed topic in India given the socio-economic background and religious practices. The need for offspring is very high in India and a family without children is often considered incomplete. While at one end of the spectrum, lack of awareness and entrenched social attitudes are preventing access to proper treatment, at the other are working couples who marry late or postpone having a child till both partners are settled in a career.

In India, there is another misconception related to infertility compounding the problem – the tendency to see it solely as a ‘woman’s issue’. This is one of the most durable myths about infertility and it is one that needs to be dispelled immediately.

Do you think the fact that some high profile Bollywood stars, such as Aamir Khan, Tusshar Kapoor and Farar Khan, have openly spoken about IVF that this is helping break the taboo?

The increasing trend of celebrities opting for IVF treatment is definitely helping to create awareness and dispel the myths surrounding IVF. It’s important to make others realise they’re not alone in their fertility struggles.

We understand you have collaborated with IVI in Spain?

Nova reached out to IVI in Spain, to explore a technical collaboration. The reasons for choosing IVI were many, including its tradition of excellent protocols, pioneering fundamental research in reproductive medicine and, of course, its notable success – with over 160,000 babies being born thanks to IVI’s science and expertise.

We can see that Nova IVI Fertility has grown substantially and been successful since its inception in 2011, why do you think this is?

In 2011, Nova IVI Fertility was set up and quickly established a reputation for world-class treatment. The IVF hospitals are equipped with facilities that are identical to those in European clinics and with embryologists trained with the support of IVI.

Nova IVI Fertility is also equipped to offer every kind of treatment, from IUI, IVF and ICSI to advanced genetic testing such as PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) and PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis), advanced ART techniques like MACS (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting), fertility preservation, and several others, including andrology (male infertility) treatments.

In addition, Nova IVI Fertility makes it mandatory for every one of its clinics to be completely transparent in all financial matters – so a patient is aware from the very beginning how much the treatment will cost. This is at variance with the usual Indian practice of quoting a low initial price and then adding on costs as treatment progresses.

We understand that you won an award this year?

The reputation of Nova IVI Fertility has grown, so have the number of patients and the success rates. The Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Government of India, FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) and SEPC (Services Export Promotion Council) recognised Nova IVI Fertility’s excellence at Advantage Healthcare India 2017 global summit, where Nova won the Medical Value Travel Specialist Hospital award in the IVF category.

Where do your patients come from?

Nova IVI Fertility has treated patients from over 37 countries around the world, spanning all the continents, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Mauritius, etc.

Why do you think this is?

One reason is that the quality of treatment is on par with international standards and yet the cost is significantly lower when compared to that in Europe or North America.

What’s more, Nova IVI Fertility offers a variety of travel, accommodation, and visa services to ease the process for international patients, ensuring a hassle-free and fully legal treatment for them. An average international patient needs a minimum of 3 weeks to undergo one cycle of IVF.

Can you share with us a case study of one of your patients?

Yes, of course. One that comes to mind straight away is a lovely couple, Anita and her husband from New York. They had tried to become parents for 12 years, without success. Medical treatment in the US was very expensive for a young couple like them and they opted for treatment in India.

Many treatments at fertility centres in India, were not only unsuccessful, some even resulted in severe side effects, causing Anita and her husband to lose hope.

Finally, their family gynaecologist, aware of their medical history, suggested they seek treatment at Nova IVI Fertility.

Experts at Nova evaluated their case and took time to formulate the best course of treatment – which made the couple feel confident again.

In addition to addressing the couple’s concerns and fears, the doctors explained how treatments at Nova were different from other clinics and clearly outlined the treatment and process in a very transparent manner.

The team advised the couple to undergo IVF, encouraging them every step of the way. Anita’s IVF was successful in the very first cycle with us and today, the couple are parents to a healthy baby girl.

Thank you so much to Nova IVI Fertility and if you would like to know more about them, Nova IVI Fertility can be contacted through here.

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