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Bollywood director Farah Khan encourages couples to try IVF treatment

Bollywood film director Farah Khan has encouraged couple with fertility issues to try IVF treatment.

The 52-year-old Indian director and choreographer was speaking out about her fertility journey in a video in association with Merck India, pioneers of fertility treatment.

She reveals her highs and lows during her fertility journey

Farah eventually had triplets with husband, film-maker Shirish Kunder, aged 43.

She had been trying for two years to have a child naturally before having fertility treatment.

She said the journey had been very emotional but having the triplets, called Diva, nya and Czar, took all the pain away.

She said in a statement: “IVF is a blessing and I am really thankful as it has changed my life. A lot of factors today make it difficult for some couples to conceive, but we have solutions in the form of treatments. And I strongly believe in IVF, it helped me conceive my angels. Being persistent, positive and patient towards the procedure paid off. And if IVF can change my life, it could change yours too.”

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